How To Heal Your Heartbreak

Everything you need to know about healing heartbreak the right way.

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Breakups suck.

We know your heart is hurting right now and you're probably looking for just about anything to soothe the emotional whiplash of your breakup and make the pain stop.

Heartbreak literally feels like your heart has been ripped out of your chest and simultaneously shattered into a million pieces. In your raw, exposed and painful state, you can't stop obsessively thinking about your ex, replaying details and game planning what you could have, should have or would have said if given a chance to go back and change the past.

During this emotional upheaval we understand the impulse and temptation to numb out, check out and avoid what you're experiencing. This is normal. You're normal.

But avoiding your pain won't heal it.
Numbing your discomfort won't make it go away.
Checking out of reality doesn't change it.

The only way to get over the pain, is through the pain.

The truth is you can't go back no matter how much you try. But you can meet heartbreak in a way you never have so you feel more confident, free and safe to love again. This breakup won't break you if you have the right support to get to the other side.

We're here to help.


We know you care a lot about love and your relationships.
You wouldn't be hurting so much if you didn't.

Right now, there's a good chance you don't ever want to hit these lows again and be left feeling this helpless and uncertain. We get that.

To chart a new direction you're going to need the best breakup program on the market. One filled to the brim with practical tools to soothe your emotional pain and effective processes to deepen your self-understanding so your history doesn't mess with your future success in love and life.

Heartbreak Hurts Like Hell

Listen, we’re no strangers to heartache. Both of us have been through the ringer and dragged through the depths of our pain when it comes to breakups. We've learned the hard way, nothing teaches you more about healthy love than experiencing devastating heartbreak.

In the initial stages of a breakup, not only do you have to deal with the incredibly destabilizing experience of losing your couple identity and reformulating your personal identity without this person, you have to do the tough emotional work of feeling through some of the darkest and heaviest emotional pain.

A breakup brings up everything emotionally unresolved in your psyche. Every limiting belief, every critical thought, every tendency towards destructive behaviour— all come up in order for you to review these dysfunctional thoughts, patterns, beliefs and behaviours. Having resources to understand and make sense of all of this undigested emotional debris is invaluable if you want to make it through to the other side.

Heartbreak is the one thing you can’t outrun forever.

Listen, if you don’t deal with your pain now, you’re inevitably going to have to meet it down the road, except the longer you wait, the more shit you'll have to sort through. Compounding emotional pain gets real heavy, real fast and is not a fun bridge to cross.

Every impulse in you will want to escape the pain, make it go away, and protect yourself from ever feeling this vulnerable again.

But we don't want to see you driven by the impulse to avoid pain, because it only leads you into a future where you're guarded, closed off and jaded— love won't find you there.

Love goes where it's welcomed.

We're helping you play the long game here. We provide the foresight your heartbreak is preventing you from seeing right now. We're here to help you make emotional sense of what's happening and provide the roadmap through your pain so you can get to the other side with your faith in love still in tact, AND help you develop more self-awareness, clarity, boundaries and confidence along the way to enhance the way you love going forward.


Knowing something rarely makes much of a difference.

There's no shortage of great heartbreak information out in the world, but we noticed ONE crucial step is often missing, the step to IMPLEMENT and INTEGRATE what you're learning. If you don't know how to implement (which leads to integration), learning something new isn't going to change anything. When your heart is broken and you're at the bottom of your emotional reserves you need immediate access to step-by-step processes specifically designed to help you integrate what you're learning so you can heal properly.

You need a plan.
You need guidance.
You need mentorship from people who have been there AND found their way through.

This program is a by-product of our combined 20+ years of experience in the fields of relationship psychology, psycho-spiritual coaching and integrative emotional intelligence work. In addition to our professional expertise, our own personal experiences of navigating the tender terrain of heartbreak, have been added to create the best program on the market to combine the wisdom of the heart and intelligence of the mind, practicality and emotionality, theory and real life integration.

All processes, exercises and directives within in this program have been personally vetted and tested in our own lives and in the lives of our clients, with extraordinary results including: expanded emotional freedom, mental clarity, deeper interpersonal connections, greater relational discernment, the identification and reinforcement of relational needs, ability to maintain healthy boundaries, emotional attunement (with self and others) and the willingness to bravely love again.

This program contains every element required to help your heart heal properly by teaching you the social, emotional and relational skills you need to meet those inevitable painful times in life with more grace, awareness and resiliency.

This program is your roadmap to work through heartbreak effectively so you don't repeat your past mistakes in the future.

You can listen to a lot of crap out there, but do your heart a solid and only invest with people who have a proven track record. This is a very tender and impressionable time. With the right support, you can avoid turning into the hardened cynic who swears off love and makes everyone around them miserable because their pain was never fully felt, honoured and integrated.

The right support looks like a comprehensive program equipped to provide the essentials for emotional healing, tools to move forward powerfully and the skills to powerfully set your next relational foundation when your heart is ready.

We couldn't find a program out in the world delivering on all these levels, so we created the resource we wish we had during our most painful heartbreaks and the program we know based on our professional successes, truly works.

We also wanted to make this education accessible.

We understand it's not always financially feasible to do long-term therapy, or register into a high level coaching program, or even hire a coach at all, or purchase thousands of books or programs. So we've done the heavy lifting for you.

Our professional and personal experience has led us to synthesize thousands of books, podcasts, personal and relational development programs, relational coaching and traditional therapy sessions along with formal social-psychological training. This wellspring of knowledge is embedded within each module of this program and our content is styled in ways to mirror elements of coaching sessions we provide in our higher level coaching programs. We designed exercises from more traditional therapeutic models to give you the experience of potent relational education, therapeutic tools and coaching within one program that doesn't break the budget.

By providing a top level resource for people who are at their most tender and vulnerable place, at a price point anyone can easily access, we stay true to our soul mission of providing global relational education and ensuring we do our part to make this world a more loving place.

Historically, knowledge and support on this level and calibre has only been accessible to those in a certain earning bracket, but we wanted to change that.

Emotional healing tools should be accessible to anyone who truly has a desire to change.

We believe your income shouldn't determine whether or not you're able to access the tools to live a high quality life and enjoy relationships that feel good to be in. Through this program, you can work with your hurt and access answers to transform how you love and elevate your life to be more congruently aligned with the deep longing we all have for purpose and fulfillment.

Lack of purpose and fulfillment pushes people to gravitate towards using romantic relationships to fill this void. By using the tools to heal from the inside out, you're able to powerfully reclaim your own personal relationship to self, recall your purpose, design an enriching and fulfilling life AND receive the relational skills to powerfully connect in your romantic relationships going forward.

We know you're not the type of person willing to stay stuck or immobilized by denial. You wouldn't be reading this if you were.

We know you want the pain to stop. We want that for you too.
We know you want to understand what is going on inside you so you're truly free. We want that for you too.
We know you want to prepare yourself for better love next time. We want that for you too

We'll be real with you, there isn't a quick fix or fast track to get through this. It takes as long as it takes.

No one can guarantee your immediate healing.

Heartbreak brings up everything unresolved, all the old undigested pain from your relational past that's been camping out in your psyche. Because no two people have the same history, no two people will have the same healing path or timeline. It's going to take you as long as your heart says it will, not your head, your heart.

The old pain that is rising is reinforced by your unconscious love template. This template was installed in your psyche by the time you were 3. This collection of information, experiences and feelings unconsciously influences how you do, perceive, act and react when it comes to love and relationships. Because this is such OLD programming, it's going to take time, dedication and commitment to transform the pieces of your template incongruent with the love you desire.

The BEST Time To Do This Healing is When You're Heartbroken.


  • Because your inner shit is front and centre in your mind.
  • Every belief you have lurking in your psyche that is incongruent with love comes up.
  • All the self defeating self-talk gets real loud and clear.
  • All your neurotic self-avoidance strategies and numbing behaviours come out of hiding and try to take over.
  • Your shadow material gets excavated in the form of judgements, projections, and false beliefs about your worth and value.
  • Any hidden ideas or agendas in your love template that REPELL love, commitment and partnership start to reek havoc on your perception of the future (aka. "No one will ever love me." "There is something wrong with me.").

Breakups are emotional pressure cookers.

The experience of heartache creates internal, emotional and psychological pressure. The shadow material that comes out of us when we're hurting isn't new. It's been hiding in our blindspot and sabotaging us in love and life. The pressure of emotional pain brings it out into clear view. When it's in clear view we can work with these aspects of ourselves, understand them more intimately and create space to do things differently.

But let's be clear, what comes out during this time is often ugly and hard to accept. We have to meet the vindictive, retaliatory, reactionary and deeply hurt parts of ourselves — before our course in love changes. This isn't easy stuff, which is why having guidance, a practical roadmap and the experience of two love experts who have made it through the other side countless times — is the best course of action to truly honour what you're going through.


If one or more of these points reflects your experience, this program is for you:

  • You're going through a recent breakup, separation or divorce.
  • Your ex moved on lightning fast and it's weighing heavily on your heart.
  • You feel like your time together was insignificant, you're replaceable or your ex didn't love you as much as you loved them.
  • Your ex hasn't officially moved on, but emotionally and energetically they seem over it.
  • Your relationship ended a while ago but you're still incomplete about it, you think about it regularly and feel blocked to fully move forward into a new relationship.
  • You gave up parts of yourself in the relationship, or withheld parts of yourself and felt resentful towards your ex.
  • Your past relationship was combative or emotionally toxic.
  • You felt unseen, unheard or misunderstood.
  • It was difficult to get your needs met with your ex partner.
  • It was difficult to identify your needs to your ex partner.
  • You're feeling lost, alone, ashamed, humiliated, embarrassed or afraid of your single status.
  • You see you have some patterns in relationships that aren't working for you.
  • You're willing to heal properly, do your healing work and not looking for a quick instant fix.
  • How to truly heal your heartbreak whether your ex has moved on quickly or it feels like they're over it.
  • How to heal your heartbreak in the healthiest and most powerful way possible.
  • How to set the proper environment for your healing.
  • Break old patterns of self-neglect, self-sabotage and self-rejection so you don't make the same love mistakes again.
  • Improve your emotional literacy (you can't heal something you can't name and identify, we stay stuck emotionally when we don't know how to work with our emotions instead of being controlled by them).
  • Understand your relational patterns.
  • Transform the inner critic to an inner cheerleader.
  • Identify your core relational needs.
  • Understand your unconscious sabotage patterns that are hiding out in your shadow emotional material.
  • How to get true closure.
  • How to navigate sharing a social circle with your ex.
  • Relational boundaries.
  • The ultimate heartbreak self-care.
  • Practical day-by-day processes to stay grounded, connected and secure within yourself.
  • How to use your heartbreak to expand your capacity to love.

This is an online, self-study program. The curriculum is divided into four sections sequentially building on one another to support the healing process. Because each module builds on the next, it is important you work through the program in sequence.

As an online program you have access to your program whenever you like and can work through it at your own pace. By purchasing this course you'll have lifetime access to the content and can revisit certain sections as you need to along your relational journey.

Our Four Pillars For Healing Heartbreak The Right Way

Pillar One: Understanding Why

No matter how it ended your mind is going to be spinning. If your ex moved on quickly or already seems ok with the breakup it's only going to amplify your agony. In this section we directly deal with how to make sense of what happened, give you emotional tools to find stable internal ground and find your psychological and emotional footing.

You'll be guided towards establishing maintainable self-care practices designed to help you see the situation as clearly as possible. You'll create your breakup boundaries to protect your tender heart as it's healing and to minimize the temptation to self-sabotage and self-neglect. This stage is critical in preventing the behaviours of avoidance and denial neither of which set you up to feel better.

Pillar Two: Emotional Redirection

To work through those first few days and weeks of a breakup you're going to need practical support. If your breakup happened a long time ago, these tools will be helpful in creating a healthy relational container in your social circles that support the wellness of your heart and relationships going forward. We teach you how to use your investigation skills to serve your healing, invest in a breakup sponsor and learn how to create your heartbreak squad.

You're going to need support. Period. This entire section is devoted to setting up your legit support systems, identify your healing needs (which is a skill set you'll need for all relationships going forward) and ensuring you have the most optimal environment for healing. In addition, we've provided the essential tools to work with and tame your inner critic in its attempts to take you and your self-worth right out of the game.

Pillar Three: Embracing Acceptance

The process of acceptance is a tough one, but accepting the situation is your ONLY way through. The longer you stay in resistance to reality, the longer you suffer emotionally. Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. In this section we provide real time integration tools to self-soothe, understand and work with your emotions more constructively and manage those real shit lows we know your tender heart is feeling.

Expanding your emotional knowledge with practices and new language, enables you to use your emotions constructively instead of being a slave to them. As an emotional literacy badass, you'll be set up to create clarity, depth and honesty in ALL your relationships. This level of self-awareness reboots self-trust, self-worth and self-confidence to powerfully help you live and direct your life towards greater fulfillment, purpose and relational success.

Pillar Four: Moving Forward

In this final section we teach you the importance of giving your pain purpose (so you can expand your ability to endure discomfort now and in the future), the true nature of forgiveness (and how to do it) and how to navigate a shared social circle post breakup. To complete the program we take you through the process of closure, what it is, how to get it on your own, with your ex (if they're willing) so you can powerfully close this chapter with a sense of relief, ease and spaciousness for what's next.

In addition, for those looking for a step-by-step longer term support system, we've provided a 12 Week Integration Plan with daily exercises and weekly healing challenges to assist you in powerfully moving forward at a pace that honours your heart.


Your Heart Healing Prescription

If in the future you want to:

  • Attract people who want to stay and have the emotional skills to invest long term
  • Trust in your ability to choose people who can meet you fully because they've met themselves fully (and you've met yourself fully)
  • Feel confident in your capacity to co-create an emotionally safe relational container
  • Become full heartedly inspired to build a life and passionate love story with the most aligned person for your heart

Then do the work NOW to prepare your foundation.

The foundation for great love always begins with honouring pain and learning to find our way through powerfully.

If you're ready to transform your pain and change your patterns in love, let's do this. Register below to begin your heart healing journey and forever change your luck in love.

Your Love Mentors,
Kelsey + Jamie

Your Instructor

Kelsey Grant + Jamie Rea
Kelsey Grant + Jamie Rea

As the Co-founders of the Legendary Love Academy, Kelsey and Jamie share a passion for love, relationships and creating a life of purpose and true connection. Through their online courses, group mentorship and live events their mission is to provide the essential relationship education people need but didn't receive so legendary love is possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Are refunds available on this course?
We want you to be fully supported with your purchase and if after completing the course as it's designed, which includes ALL exercises, you truly believe you've received no value, a full refund within 30 days of purchase will be issued, upon written request. In this request please showcase all course materials are complete (along with their associated assignments) and a detailed outline of why the program didn't support your healing in any way. We deeply stand behind our work and trust that when done as it's designed you'll be in a place of greater awareness, emotional regulation, and clarity. This is our wish for each and everyone of you. Refunds will not be issued for people who have not completed the course or complied with this outline stated above, or make the request past the 30 day mark.
If I'm going through a recent breakup but my ex hasn't moved on is this course still for me?
Yes. While portions of the program do address the specific concern of a an ex moving on fast, the entirety of the program is designed to assist anyone going through a breakup and navigate it with grace, self-awareness and honour. You may find it helpful to read through the material on an ex moving on quickly particularly if you feel pulled to move on quickly yourself.
My breakup happened a long time ago, is this program still relevant?
Absolutely. Unresolved pain interferes with your capacity to love freely in the future. If you're hung up on an old relationship, or an old breakup, or have seemingly "moved on" with your life but still struggle internally when you think back on this old relationship, you have unresolved relational debris. This program will assist you in excavating that pain, heal what's incomplete, understand your patterns in love (and in pain) and set you up to love powerfully in the future.
What if I want more 1-1 support in addition to this program?
We do have additional live online programs available if more personalized mentorship, coaching or support is desired. Simply email us at [email protected]

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